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Building a structure, whether for living or working, is a notoriously ambitious, stressful and challenging undertaking. That is what makes architects and architectural services a highly worthwhile investment. The article below gives an insight into many of the architect architectural services that can be provided and relieve certain stressors in the long run. The job description of architects, in general, is to design buildings. That encompasses much more than dimensions and measurements. Architects must make a prospective structure that meets specific laws, regulations, and compliances. Architects are also responsible for the form and functionality of a structure.

If this is a private architectural project or the new premises for an up-and-coming business, the building must look attractive, both internally and externally. Also, there will be little point in engaging an architect’s services at all if the building ultimately can’t be used for the intended purpose. When hiring an architect, architectural service company you ensure that all the structural design questions will be solved correctly.



The first step to delivering a successful architectural project? It all starts with the program or brief. Even something as seemingly self-explanatory and straightforward as this can require professional help. Who better to ask to formulate the basis for an architectural project than the architect? Architects will be able to help outline what the customer requires for the project and assess whether they can provide the requirements.

Since projects are individual regarding complexity, architects can help a client assess opportunities, identify constraints, and highlight areas where further investigation is needed. They also assist in drawing up the later stages of the program too, such as a schedule of accommodation.



One unpredictable factor to any architectural project is dealing with a planning commission to seek developmental approval, known in some regions as planning permission. As part of the architectural service, architects will be able to advise clients if their project requires any developmental approval, and can provide useful, relevant information to help them submit their case to the local authority.

Planning commissions and other such authorities are often notorious for declining proposals. In the event of this, architects can be enlisted to help appeal the decision. Some architectural services even offer to deal with the planning authorities on their clients’ behalf. However, that representation like this will probably incur surcharges.



PSDP stands for the project supervisor design process. Throughout the project, it is the purpose of the PSDP to ensure that the work of the designers, architects remains coordinated. Their responsibilities range from identifying and if possible, eliminating hazards stemming from design, organizational or time-related flaws in the project, to issuing directions to contractors, architects, designers.

They are the chief person on the project, in short. A PSDP consists typically of an architectural services company. However, as the client appoints them, the PSDP can be an individual architect. As per regulations, there cannot be more than one PSDP.



Clients can be full-time workers or inundated with childcare commitments. As such, their attention may not be best positioned to manage an architectural project - despite their beliefs in the beginning. Leaving it to the architect to act as the project manager is by far the best decision. They possess the knowledge to properly coordinate the various elements and personnel involved to produce a successful result.



Architects can be engaged to handle building contractors and project administration on a client’s behalf. It can be an appealing feature to an architectural service since it eliminates some stressors involved. By extension, it allows the clients more time to attend to decisions for later stages in the project.

Naturally, the added time and responsibility involved will make it a more expensive architectural service. However, getting the architect to take care of this side of the project ensures it is carried out by their design and development approval.



As aforementioned, the complexity of an architectural undertaking differs from project to project. As such, the client may have to call in specialist consultants for input on the plan. These include people like structural engineers or quantity surveyors. They will understand better what these consultants are talking about and what they will be looking for, it makes sense to have the professional to deal with them.

Furthermore, the architect will be able to manage and coordinate these specialists’ involvement in the project; curbing this where necessary.



It is a rare project that goes ahead precisely as the client envisions it. There are too many factors and occurrences midway through a project that are too unpredictable to include in a design program. As such, some alterations and amendments to the original design will be proposed and suggested, accepted, and declined for various reasons.

As part of the architectural service, an architect can measure pre-existing buildings to provide a basis for new architectural drawings. These drawings, in turn, will assist the architect in formulating proposals for alterations or additions to the original design.



Some projects conducted on existing historical architectural buildings, some of which can be a couple of hundred years old. In cases like these, prior inspection is required to establish the condition of the property before a project gets underway. It would be a bad investment, not to mention a potential safety risk to the people working on the project.

Some architectural firms are specializing in these kinds of projects. Their architects will be able to carry out the inspection – a Condition Survey – to determine if the property is safe to work. Following their investigation, they will prepare a report, which usually must be presented to the development approval authority.



Following on from the previous section, the architects will have to advise clients on conserving a building declared as historic. The property in question may even be a “Protected Structure” or in an “Architectural Conservation Area,” which will merit an appropriate degree of attention, care, and skill when it comes to conservation.

Even if the property not classed as a “Listed Building,” its character should still be considered when planning any alterations of extensions. Character features left undisturbed as the project ensues will add value to the property when it comes to sale or resale.



They don’t just deal with the external elements. The interior design also has often included as part of architectural service. That doesn’t just mean negotiating the placements of kitchen islands and window-side desks in residential properties, or bar counters and reception desks for commercial buildings. The service extends with some architects to cover loose furnishings and even artwork.

Architects may not readily advertise their interior design service on their business websites; it would be best to enquire in the earlier stages of the project. If they do offer the service, they may include it as part of the overall package, rather than a separate charge altogether.



When the design has been implemented and finalized; it must be sustainable and future-proof. Putting measures in place for this early on into the project will potentially prevent further expenses.

To help a client with this, the architects can advise on some sustainability options, from lifecycle costing to energy and water consumption. They will ensure that all choices and decisions made are 100% compliant with all building laws and regulations.

Furthermore, in the interests of being eco-friendly, studies into how to make a property zero-carbon emitting can usually be conducted in the earlier stages of the project as part of the overall architect, architectural service.



Stress and pressure levels are often high on architectural projects. It is a time-sensitive and, in some cases, weather-dependent environment, and internal disputes can often arise. Since they’re such commonplace occurrences, some architectural service packages even offer to help resolve any project disputes. That can come about by way of mediation sessions or conciliation.



Architectural Drafting & Drawing

Way back, in 1754 BC, if someone killed due to faulty construction, the builder would be put to death. Luckily, today’s building codes aren’t as draconian. It’s not correct to think that all you need is a building permit for home renovation, and you’re good to go. However, without professional construction drafting services to detail exactly what you project you will look like, a building permit alone will not provide the quality and budget control essential for any projects.


Construction drafting services provide drawings, called blueprints or working drawings, to precisely illustrate what will be built, and it is here that construction drawing services put even the most basic construction information. First used in the 1800s using a process that facilitated rapid, accurate copies of documents to be produced, today blueprints used by everyone on the project who will contribute to the actual building.


Previously done by hand, architectural drafting services almost always use computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce today’s construction drawings. Larger projects will often make use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to create a virtual model that integrates all facets of construction to minimize delays and anticipate any scheduling conflicts that could arise. 

Architectural drafting services will use the blueprints they create for you to give specific information about the building project, both graphics and written. It can include everything from paint color to outlet placement to the cabinet and flooring finishes. These types of construction drawings are usually called architectural drawings. When necessary, architectural drafting services will create the second part of their drawings to illustrate the engineering aspects of the building or renovation project, such as electrical, plumbing, or any mechanical features that will include. These known in the trade as engineering drawings.



Construction drafting services are used to ensure that construction is well thought out and meets the specific expectations of those paying for the project. Quality architectural drafting services save time and money in the long run by avoiding expensive unanticipated changes and construction conflicts among contractors.

Usually, projects including new construction; significant renovations or structural changes; or electrical mechanical or plumbing upgrades will require professional architects and engineers to ensure success. Examples of specific projects that usually need construction drafting services are:


  • New roofing
  • Installing new electrical panels
  • Moving or taking out windows and doors
  • Putting in a pool, and
  • Adding green-friendly features, such as solar panels.


Though there are many off the shelf plans available, if your project will involve any personalized details, you will need expert construction drafting services. And, personalization goes beyond just overall design. Architectural drawing services can alter existing plans to accommodate budget considerations or to meet your lifestyle demands.

Employing design services to alter an existing floor plan for a new build can result in significant savings as they can advise on more cost-effective materials than the ones suggested in a plan produced for the masses. Construction drawing services can also create entire plans from scratch, so if you’ve already envisioned your perfect home or remodel and none of the plans on the market can be customized to suit your needs, construction drafting services will collaborate closely to ensure your dreams becomes a reality.

Some architectural drafting services will also include detailed notes with information commonly found in specifications with their blueprints. It can consist of materials, quality standards, and techniques to be used during installation. When included in the blueprints and the specifications, it’s possible that this information duplicated in both places. To avoid any confusion construction drawing services should review the documents and remove duplications whenever possible.

The drawings created by architects are usually included in the tender documents for construction, forming part of the agreement between the employer and contractor. From a legal perspective, specifications generally win out over blueprints, so it’s important to review these documents with the architect before commencing a project to ensure all information represents your vision and is consistent and easily understandable by all contractors who will work on the project.

The most common types of architectural drafting services.

Construction drafting services will provide a set of drawings that will map out the project from start to finish. A complete set of architectural drawings will include:


  • A title sheets
  • Complete floor plans
  • Exterior elevation and section drawings
  • Roof plans
  • Wall sections and any accompanying details
  • Electrical and plumbing plans
  • Foundation plans, and
  • Detailed specifications.

The type and size of the construction project will dictate which architectural drawings you need, and the architect can explain which drawings required for your project. The most common drawings provided by architectural drafting services include floor plans, sections, elevations, and detailed drawings, which combine to present a complete representation of the structure and the architectural drawing services should draw them to scale.


Elevations are illustrations created by an architect - building that drawn as though you were looking straight at the building. Since there is no representation of depth in these types of drawings, construction drawing services can also provide floor plans. 

One draws floor plans as though the viewer is looking at the building straight down, from above. Architects will use these types of representations to give precise dimensions and locations of all the interior rooms and elements.

Further, to illustrate how the structure’s framing and other elements fit together, architects use section architectural drawings. These drawn as though the building were sliced apart so that the viewer can see the inside of the walls, floors, or foundations.


Finally, there are sometimes portions of a building that contain more detail than architectural services can realistically depict in larger drawings. To be able to go into these elements, the architect may provide detailed drawings. These are enlargements of the section drawings to show the intricate workings of the walls.

Because architectural services use a standard set of symbols, called architectural hatchings, they can be easily understandable by any professional in the field.



After the architectural drafting services finished the drawings, it is time to apply for any necessary permits. Drawings created by architectural services can be used in the application process and providing drawings by professional architectural drawing services with your permit application can expedite the process and save money. Many construction drawing services will offer to secure the building permit for you as part of their services, so check with your architectural services provider to see if this is something they can help with.


It is the architectural services firm’s responsibility to ensure that the drawing set complies with applicable construction codes when they create the designs. Discuss this with architects to confirm that they will submit their plans for the proper permits. If this is not part of the architectural services that they provide, they can advise how to submit on your own.



An interior design company, an architectural firm, or an engineering company can also provide construction drafting services. Many colleges offer certification in construction drafting – you can check with the construction drafting services you talk to about the certifications held by their drafters. It is also essential to find out how much experience the drafters have when considering construction drafting services and whether they have worked on projects like yours. No matter how many additions a construction drafting services firm has completed, it won’t help your project if you want to put in a pool, and they haven’t any experience with that. You can also check reviews of construction drawing services firms on sites and check their listings for their overall rating.



Taking on any home improvement is a stressful project. Make your life easier by contracting with an architectural services provider to put your ideas down on paper. That way, when you embark on making your house your dream home, everyone is working toward the same goal, and your project comes in on time and on budget.